Saturday, November 22, 2014

Election 2014 rankings

This will become more complete when the financial disclosures are made but here are the electoral results.

1 Craig Keating         4885      9.2% (10.3%)     Team Mussatto
1 Linda Buchanan    4646      8.8% (10.7%)      Team Mussatto
1 Don Bell                   4491      8.5%  (11.0%)     Ind
1 Pam Bookham        4392     8.3%   (8.4%)    Morris Nation
1 Rod Clark                 4354     8.2%   (8.8%)    Morris Nation

PLATEAU 1-2              766

2 Holly Back                 3588      6.8%      Team Mussatto
2 Kathy McGrenera       3515     6.6%       Team Mussatto
2 Bill Bell                      3346     6.3%        Morris Nation
2 Amanda Nichol           3316    6.3%        Morris Nation
2 Matt Clark                  3113     5.9%        Team Mussatto
2 Tony Valente              3102     5.9%        Ind
2 Dorothy Bell               2900     5.5%        Morris Nation

PLATEAU 2-3                805

3 Iani Markis                   2095     4.0%                 Team Mussatto
3 Joe Heilman                  2087     3.9% (2.1%)     Ind
3 Via Fearnley                 1805      3.4%                 Ind

PLATEAU 3-4                  1017

4 John Harvey                   788        1.5%   Ind
4 David Janis                     326        0.6%   Ind
4 Ron Sostad                      231        0.4      COPE

One thing is quite clear, two not legally registered slates ran our Council and really there is no point in running (unless you're a former MP) if you're not part of one of them.

If you look at the % of vote change, Don Bell went from 11% to 8.5% but in 2011 he was endorsed by Team Mussatto (but not part of their slate) and endorsed by Voices so he held most of his vote and retained his seat, finishing above the Morris Nation candidates.

It looks like Craig and Linda dropped a little more than a percent from 2011 to 2014 but Team Mussatto ran a six person slate rather than a four person slate so their drop (I think) is due to their drive to take a majority of Council which they did.

Snippets wise, we've probably seen the last of Bill and Dorothy Bell, their public revealing that they were part of the Morris Nation has left a taint on them that they can never (electorally) recover from.

Amanda Nichol still finished in the middle of category 2 as she did last time but as with the Bell couple she now walks in the City with the taint of Kerry Morris on her so she will never be elected no matter how many "inside the bubble" machinations she may perform in the future.

And Joe Heilman dramatically increased his vote share, despite not being a member of either slate (joined by Tony Valente.)  The Federal Liberals used to be a slate a decade ago.  It will be interesting to be see if Don, Tony, Joe and Via who are all Federal Liberals can recombine reform the slate of decade ago before before Voices co-opted them. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

What happened to Kerry Morris' criminal conviction?

It's a mystery.  Let's start with the actual criminal court case.

I received a letter from Kerry's lawyer dated October 29, 2014 threatening a lawsuit as he claims that his criminal conviction was overturned by the Court of Appeal.  Kerry's other Court of Appeal appearance was there but not record of this "alleged" appeal. I had professional legal help checking this out after and they too said there was no appeal of this decision but they found a trial in which the records are sealed.  Hmm... the Court only does this in extreme circumstances.

It is certainly in Kerry's M.O. to bully and threaten people while trying to keep this conviction secret until after Election Day.  I can't see a lawyer being involved in a overt lie but of course since it wasn't in court and no oath was swore perhaps it doesn't really count in a lawyer's world.

Of course, there is the chance that this closed trial had something to do with it but I feel confident that the court would toss Kerry's threat into the garbage.

I've been stressing that Pam Bookham, Rod Clark, Amanda Nichol, Bill Bell and Dorothy have put their reputations on the line in endorsing Kerry Morris.  They have shown themselves to be a slate of hate, so clouded in their hatred of Mayor Mussatto that will support the absolutely worst choice of Mayor they could.  They have made an absolute mockery of everything they've said they believe in. 

It's time to deny them your vote as they should have done when Kerry asked them for their endorsement.

Let's not have petty little Councillors who disgrace us every week.

Ron Polly caught sign stealing

Ron Polly, self proclaimed President of the Harbourside Community Association had a visit from the police in the past few days to warn him against stealing campaign signs.   Ron Polly, part of the Morris Nation and probably following instructions given to him by Kerry is the latest evidence that Kerry's need to be Mayor must never be granted by the voters.

Kerry has gone to trial for drinking and driving, had an arrest warrant issued for failing to appear in court, made extremely homophobic statements to Officers of the Court and been in and out of court in his business of shipping oil in our habour and water.

But he has the trust of people like Ron Polly who will break election laws and common decency for him.  He has the endorsement of Rod Clark, Pam Bookham and Amanda Nichol.  He has had Bill and Dorthy Bell working for him and purposely holding back their endorsement until the last week.  

They have formed a "slate of hate." Voters shouldn't give their trust or votes to these five either, it may be just their need to remain in office or regain it or just a deeply rooted hatred of Mayor Mussatto but at the end of the day, their judgement in recommending Kerry Morris to the voters stains their repetitions.

Send Rod Clark, Pam Bookham, Amanda Nichol, Bill Bell and Dorothy back home on November 15th and let's have a Council that is not a disgrace anymore.