Saturday, June 28, 2014

Goodbye Ottawa!

A decade ago today was the worse election in Canadian history. Well worst for me as my boss, Ted White, MP was not re-elected and I was out of a job.  The silver lining was that I got to move back to BC but to North Vancouver not to the Island where I had lived for almost 20 years.  I really didn't like living in Ottawa, they had sidewalk plows to clear the route to work in the winter and hot humid days in the summer.

The office politics in the House of Commons is far more intense than in any any office job I went there at 40 years old while most others were were in the 18-22 zone.  It was long hours and very tiring for me as a disabled military vet but I was one a few political science grads in my UVic class to actually work in politics.

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