Saturday, August 23, 2014

I will be running for Mayor in the City

In 2011, the day before the nomination deadline, I decided to run for Mayor.  I had just finished serving on the Task Force for Civic Engagement which focused on voter turnout.  In 2008, Mayor Mussatto had been acclaimed and rather than been in the middle of the pack in a run for a Council seat, I decided to make sure there would be a Mayoral election by running.  After all, taking all the anti-Mussatto vote of about 25% would serve me well in a 2014 run for a Council seat.

But the VOICES people couldn't take the chance, although very slight, that I would win and ran Ron Polly against me to ensure I wouldn't take that 25% of the vote  and use that when I would be running against their Party's candidates in 2014.

Now in 2014, Kerry Morris has declared his campaign for Mayor.  I get a really bad feeling about Kerry. He walked into his first City Council meeting with the pretense of being a concerned citizen but  it really a pre-campaign phase of a Mayoral run.  I thought it was a run for a Council seat as he was not capable of a Mayoral run much less of being the Mayor of my city.  Last April Fools, I published an article on my blog,, to mock Kerry's pretentious side by presenting him as intending to run for Mayor, as that was the most ridiculous scenario I could think of.

He threatened to sue me and when I ignored him I heard nothing.  Then he announced he was  running for Mayor. Feels like the actions of a bully to me, a toothless bully.

Mayor Mussatto and I have many ideological differences, in fact there are few things we do agree on but we have a respect for each other about our differences in opinion. Something that has been missing from our Council during the last decade that I have been a Council Watcher.

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