Monday, November 10, 2014

Ron Polly caught sign stealing

Ron Polly, self proclaimed President of the Harbourside Community Association had a visit from the police in the past few days to warn him against stealing campaign signs.   Ron Polly, part of the Morris Nation and probably following instructions given to him by Kerry is the latest evidence that Kerry's need to be Mayor must never be granted by the voters.

Kerry has gone to trial for drinking and driving, had an arrest warrant issued for failing to appear in court, made extremely homophobic statements to Officers of the Court and been in and out of court in his business of shipping oil in our habour and water.

But he has the trust of people like Ron Polly who will break election laws and common decency for him.  He has the endorsement of Rod Clark, Pam Bookham and Amanda Nichol.  He has had Bill and Dorthy Bell working for him and purposely holding back their endorsement until the last week.  

They have formed a "slate of hate." Voters shouldn't give their trust or votes to these five either, it may be just their need to remain in office or regain it or just a deeply rooted hatred of Mayor Mussatto but at the end of the day, their judgement in recommending Kerry Morris to the voters stains their repetitions.

Send Rod Clark, Pam Bookham, Amanda Nichol, Bill Bell and Dorothy back home on November 15th and let's have a Council that is not a disgrace anymore.

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