Friday, October 31, 2014

The Voices collective becomes the Morris Nation

There are no other "endorsements" but some not legally registered slates who make "recommendations".  First, of course, is what I call Team Mussatto, in local politics it is common for candidates to group themselves for and against the Mayor since that position is the public focal point of the City.  I see TM as follows, candidates Mussatto, Buchanan, Keating, Back, McGrenera and Makris. 

I've said in Council and to Darrell personally that the way of winning is to form an electoral organization, North Van Vision, let's say and you'll win the majority you have always dreamed of.  Obviously, he has chosen differently.

Second, is what I call the "VOICES Collective" or now what can be called the "Morris Nation", a group that published an "approved voting list" in the North Shore News the day before the election in the last two elections.  After doing this illegally in 2008 and being seriously chastised by the Chief Election Officer, they registered as "Third Party Advertiser" like the CUPE unions do.  But since so members of their core group were also candidates they failed the "arms length" requirement and again their actions were illegal.  The "Morris Nation" is new.  The old Voices core believes they are using Kerry Morris, knowing he can't win to keep Darrel busy so their Voices candidates can hold a majority of Council 

In 2012, they posted a website "NVan City Voices", they claim to have just started in the spring of 2012, organizers will get mad when one says it's the same old Voices but they feel a need to hide from their illegal activities.

A fuller history here. The Voices Collective is Morris, Bookham, Clark(R), Nichol.  Some would place Bill and Dorothy Bell in that slate but even though their platforms will be very similar, I doubt they are controlled by the Voices Collective.  Of course, they might "recommend " the 3 Bells in order to make it appear as if they have their support as they did last time with Don Bell.

They have no formal board of directors, no formal organization, like the "Occupy" movements of a couple of years ago.  Dennis, the Constitutional Peasant described the Voices Collective best, "an anarcho - syndicalist commune, taking turns to act as an executive officer of the week but all their decisions have to be ratified at a special bi-weekly meeting by a simple majority in the case of internal affairs but by a 2/3's majority ..."  See full youtube clip here

I say the same to them as I've said to the Mayor - do things according to the law and be transparent about it for a change.   The time has passed to register so we've stuck with the shady practices of the past.   It looks like the Voices Collective thinks they using Kerry Morris to keep Darrell busy if when he is on a third place track and Kerry thinks he is using the Voices Collective.

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