Saturday, October 22, 2011

North Shore News Questionnaire

1)  George Pringle

2)  52

3)   Apartment Manager

 4)  BC Liberal Party and Conservative Party of Canada

5) No

6) No

7) 7 years

8) NA

9) Task Force on Civic Engagement and Member - The Lonsdale Community Association

10) What are your priority changes if elected? 25 words
        Strengthening renter rights by a rental ombudsperson. Owner rights by adhering to the citizen’s Official Community Plan. A three year freeze on the tax rate.

11) Is the city managing growth appropriately? 50 words
        No. Our City and developers are addicted to growth to feed an ever increasing budget. The Safeway site could be a pedestrian shopping area with two 6 story residences where the density fits into the OCP. But some will complain about not making an instant large profit and the City listens.

12) Should the city amalgamate with the District of North Vancouver? 25words
        It is the only way to achieve long term savings.  We must act before the Province decides to amalgamate all of Metro Vancouver, Toronto style.

13) What is the worst decision made by the present council and why? 25 words
        Council makes that “worst decision” often, approving the conversation (destruction) of a single family home (RS-1) to a much larger unit or group of units.


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