Thursday, October 20, 2011

Priority Three - Renter Rights

It is time that the City cares more for the renting residents that actually live here rather than the ones who some are trying to pack into our small suburb. Most of our rental stock (apt buildings) is getting older and some need more upkeep then they are getting.  Our citizens are suffering the consequences.

The City licenses owners of apartment units and has a Bylaw (Rental Premises Standard of Maintenance 7931) which applies to all rental property.  City inspectors should be doing an annual check as part of their business license to ensure there is compliance with all health, safety and disabled access laws.

Council should establish a Rental Ombudsperson to assist citizens who are being denied the basic services and repairs due them.   This does not have to be an expensive function but even a place where the complaints are gathered so that when a company comes to Council to convert their current 3 story rental unit into a 12 story strata building, Council members can educate themselves as to if the company has been a good corporate citizen.

A Ombudsperson can act, like a navigator in the Health system, to help residents fight to achieve their rights.

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