Friday, October 28, 2011

Outlook Questionnaire

After I had sent in my questionnaire for the Outlook, they called and said they were scrapping it and just asking a few questions.  Since it was done, here it is.

George Pringle

1) Occupation, marital status, children (w/ages) and neighbourhood in which you reside?
Assistant Apartment Manager ,Single, Lower Lonsdale (Keith Road)

2) What kind of car do you drive? (make, model and year)
Transit user until there is an affordable hydrogen fueled car

3) Would you like to see the Harry Jerome rec centre renovated or rebuilt?
Rebuild the most important functions as a phase one and ask residents for funding through a referendum.  Never allow park and recreation land to be turned into high rise towers to fund Harry Jerome.  We should consider alternate funding like selling naming rights if the funds donated are large enough.

4) Would you support amalgamating North Vancouver District and City?
Unite North Vancouver. A key point of my campaign is to hold a referendum on amalgamation with the District.  We have to act before the Province forces an amalgamation on all Vancouver, Toronto style which would be one council for all the Lower Mainland with two elected per provincial riding.

5) Would you like to keep the RCMP or have a regional police force?
I’d rather have a BC Police Force to get the Ottawa bureaucratic way and their rules out but it would cost too much money.  Regional based police would have us subsidizing Vancouver and the downtown eastside.  Keep the RCMP but get more power for a local North Van Police Board.

6) In terms of residential growth, would you like to see:

b) growth of  less than 1% a year;  We could be redeveloping the older shops on Lonsdale and maintaining  the general style of a non-chain storefront stores with a second floor for small offices or residences instead of the Lonsdale  180 foot high canyon that is now going up.

7) Biggest challenge currently facing the City?
Addiction to growth. Council’s building an unsustainable house of cards to keep their budget ever growing. Someday the room for development will run out.  It’s only a question of what we create.  200,000 person Yaletown2 or a sustainable community?  The new OCP must have more certainty and tangible growth limits.

8) Three specific steps to solving North Van's affordable housing crisis?
There is not a solution to address affordable housing when most of Canada and many in the world want to move here.  Same old promises during re-election but all we see is expensive condo towers. Existing tenants need their rights protected and health, safety, licensing and disabled access laws followed.

9) In 50 words or less, sum up your desire to be an elected municipal
In the Mayor’s re-election site it is obvious he only sees a North Van driven by “a period of unprecedented growth”.  those who disagree with Darryl and his slate.

10)  Your election slogan and website:
Respect the citizen’s OCP

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