Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Did Kerry Morris lie to voters in Mayor's Debate?

So DailyXrta published a story on Kerry's homophobic hate speech. It's business as usual for Kerry, apparently he under a lot of stress.  Good he doesn't want to serve as a Mayor for the next four years or something stressful that that. 

A Provincial Judge commented in one of Kerry's trials that "I found Mr. Morris to be evasive and non-responsive to questions put to him in cross examination. Further, I found him to be belligerent, antagonistic and argumentative (observations similar to those made by the officers) to the point where I had to instruct him to answer Mr. Flannigan's questions."

This is not what I, am saying but what a Provincial Court judge said in the official record of Kerry's trial.

In my opinion, Kerry lied in yesterday's Mayors Debate when asked by a voter to explain why he was taken away in handcuffs after allegedly threatening Telus staff when he said he was just sitting in on a couch, calmly waiting for a refund of a bill that he had overpaid.

Do you believe that armed RCMP officers apprehended Kerry Morris for sitting on a couch? Kerry likes to paint this serious incident as act of the lone individual standing up for consumer rights. I'm surprised that this didn't go to trial after seeing a portion of Kerry's court records.  

I'm surprised that they even let him go  since he signed a "Promise to Appear in Court" during a charge of Driving under the Influence and failed to show up for his Court Date until after an Arrest Warrant for "Failing to Appear" had been issued.

Kerry has an excuse for everything.  Does he deserve your trust and vote?  Why are Council Candidates Bookham, Clark and Nichol still supporting Kerry Morris?  Why have they not issued a public statement withdrawing any statements of support they have made in the past?  Do they deserve your trust and vote?

Update 30 Oct 2014:  Blog altered as per request from Kerry Morris' lawyers.  It appears as if there was the original trial was appealed and Kerry won so the original charge was negated and erased as if it never existed.  Sorry for the mistake readers and I retract any statement that I've made that Kerry Morris is a convicted criminal. 

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