Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kerry's "apology" & more Kerry incidents

Well, I received the expected "apology" for his homophobic words but not the homophobic bullying he performed on an Officer of the BC Counts.  He claims this is a "privileged email" although Kerry Morris's need to copy his homophobic comments directly to the lawyer he was making comments about  removed the "privileged" status of this document.

Although I'm flattered that Kerry commended my research by stating "it would take months for a skilled researcher to find" when it only took this blogger a few days to find.  I guess my days working in the House of Commons researching events like the sponsorship scandal or even during academic research during for my Poli Sci / History degrees made me a skilled researcher after all.

Press wise, it has made into print media although not the North Shore News as it would disrupt their coverage of gardens and such other important things. 

Kerry blames "a period of extreme business stress" for his multiple uses of homophobic threatening hate language.  He would likely say the same if asked about his criminal conviction or when he threatened to take hostages at a Telus office or his breach to fulfill his "promise to appear" in Court for his trial.

It's a good thing Kerry isn't doing anything extremely stressful now like running for Mayor and telling people he can handle the stress of being Mayor for the next four years.

Update 30 Oct 2014:  I guess I shouldn't use the term "skilled researcher".
Blog altered as per request from Kerry Morris' lawyers.  It appears as if there was the original trial was appealed and Kerry won so the original charge was negated and erased as if it never existed.  Sorry for the mistake readers and I retract any statement that I've made that Kerry Morris is a convicted criminal. 

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